Dear Elvira,
Our class thoroughly enjoyed your time travel adventure with the history club, the mysterious boat, and the adventures of George Washington and men crossing the Delaware River. We wish you would consider writing some sequels to this book. Here are a few of our suggestions for other possible settings or events for the history club to enjoy.
Anxiously awaiting your sequels,
Mrs. Dongell's fifth grade class

28 thoughts on “GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SOCKS by Elvira Woodruff

  1. Banana

    If you made a sequel I would like them to time travel back to the time when Jesus was born. The way I suggest you start the book is by time traveling to Israel and have them bump into Mary who would ask them tons of questions. Then they would answer tons of wierd answers, and she would tell Joseph,” They are clearly confused. Let them stay with us,”. Then they would stay to see the shepherds and Kings … This is what I suggest that you write about, Elvira.

  2. spOOn

    I think a good idea for a sequel would be where the club reads a book about Dinosaurs. Then they get in the boat and it takes them back to prehistoric times.They would have to find food, make friends with the caveman, and run away from dinosaurs. I think that would be a fun sequel to George Washingtons Socks.

  3. Dingbat

    if I wrote a sequel to George Washington’s Socks, I would have the adventure club going into the future where Tony’s dad was the president who gets kidnapped by aliens during an alien invasion.

  4. thriller

    Mine would be about the club flying to the moon in the rocket ship “Apollo 11”, also their boat would be missing.

  5. Anonymous

    My sequel would be about the kids going back to their parents childhood. They could see all the bad things their parents did, then once they got back they could randomly say things about all the things they saw. So that would be my sequel.

  6. joejr

    i believe a good sequel would be if the kids went to Rome. They would get captured for praying in the streets for the boat to come back.

  7. ghost

    If I was writing a sequel it would be: the kid are in the row boat on the Atlantic ocean aboard the Titanic one day before it sunk.

  8. Sunny

    If I had to write a sequel to the book George Washingtons Socks, I would take Matt, Katie, Q, Hooter and Tony to 3012 in the future where Greenland is literally green!! The problem would be that they had their boat taken by a green troll, and in return they have to show the troll three different colors other than green, even though all of their clothes have turned green!!!

    By: Sunny 🙂

  9. weirdo

    If I wrote a sequel to George Washington Socks I would have Matt and his friends go back in time to when Jesus was born.They would see Jesus die on the cross and rise on Easter morning

  10. red

    I think it would be cool if she made a book where the club went to Christopher Columbus times to help him get to America.

  11. QuinnFabray

    I couldn’t really come up with any ideas for a sequel at first, but then I got a really good idea. The adventure club (including Katie– :D) has a meeting and reads about the Civil War. They go back in time to be with President Lincoln. Then, somehow Katie ends up with Abraham Lincoln’s hat. I call it “Lincoln’s Hat.”

  12. Blue Dragon

    If I would write a sequel, I would put the adventure club, and Matt’s parents in the backyard for Matt’s birthday party. Then they all would go back in time to when Martin Luthor King was fighting for black rights.


    If I were to write a sequel to George Washington’s Socks, then they would travel to the future… In the future there would be an evil dictator who made taxes and gas prices higher and higher every day. The rich people would have to be really nice to the dictator in order to get money. The people who were poor, would hate the dictator so much that they would want to have him removed from his chair and be poor like the others. If I were to write a sequel to George Washington’s Socks, that is what it wold be about.


  14. Daffy Duck

    If I were to write a sequel it would be about the club going back to the 80’s and become the GoGo’s BFFs. They travel in a 80’s bus, and the kids would be 5 years older.

    Daffy Duck

  15. smiley

    I want to go back in time and watch the Titanic sink. I really like learning about it so i wanted to see what it looks like. I bet it was huge, I mean I have seen pictures but the pictures can’t be as big as the Titanic. I got really mad when the people that created the Titanic said that it was the ship that never sinks. it was a sad day.:(

  16. Hamburger

    If I wrote a sequel to George Wasshington Socks, I would write it about Matt and his friends going back in time to their parents childhood. Matt would see all the bad things they did, and MAtt would make fun of his parents for the rest of his life.

  17. kookoobird

    My sequel would be about Matt and the club going into the future when a war between robots and humans takes place. They get lost and can’t find their way back to the ship that they came in. Finally they have no choice but to fight in the war with the remaining humans on the Earth.

  18. rccola

    I would write it so they go back to the Civil War times. The kids meet people and their house gets raided. Will they all die?

  19. ding dong

    I would like to see the kids go back to Abe Lincoln’s time. Abe Lincoln was told that the South was using slavery. Lincoln told Matt, Katie, Q, Tony, and Hooter to go to the south and tell them to stop the slavery, because Abraham Lincoln said so. What will happen? Will The kids become slaves?

  20. candy

    If I were going to write a sequel, I would take the kids to Fords Theater. I would do this so Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t get shot.

  21. soto18

    If I had a sequel, it would be Matt and the club going back in time in Abe Lincoln’s carriage. Will they be able to save him?

  22. lazer girl

    If I were to do a sequel to George Washinton’s Socks, I would have the club travel to the 80’s.
    They would learn how their parents lived back in the day. Sooner or later though they would run into their parents (UH OH). They would see that the Adventure Club kids aren’t the only ones that get in trouble.

  23. lando

    I think a good sequel to the book would be if the kids go back to the time of Abraham Lincoln. They would warn him of John Wilkes Booth, so he doesn’t get killed. He would give them his hat. So Q frames it next to George Washington’s socks. It could be called Abe Lincoln’s Hat.

  24. Musketeer

    I think a good sequel would be when the kids go to the time of the Native Americans. They would get to experience the trading of the Native Americans and the French fur traders. This time it would be Katie and her friends.

  25. Spiker

    If I would write a sequel to George Washington’s Socks, the boys and Katie would go exploring with Henry Hudson and end up in the Hudson Bay. The book would explain the hardships, stories, and the different points of view of the crew. The title could be, “The True Story of Henry Hudson’s Crew”.

  26. NeverMind

    I think that a good sequel to George Washington’s Socks would be if they went to Jesus’s time, and they watched him grow. Then they came back and became the BEST Christians they could be!!

  27. bpsbrodye

    I think a good sequel to George Washington’s Socks would be if the went back to 79 A.D. during the destruction of Pompeii and had to escape the city before they were burned or buried alive.

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